serve others

here, near, & far

Jesus called his disciples to begin doing ministry in their hometown of Jerusalem.  Then he challenged them to go and reach people in regions near their home. Ultimately, he commanded them to go out into the entire world. Following the example that Jesus set, Four Corners focuses on serving others Here, Near, & Far


"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others."

~1 Peter 4:10

We believe that incredible life change happens when you serve in the local church. Serving is a great way to get connected to the Four Corners community, learn more about Jesus, and grow your faith. If you're new to Four Corners, take the Next Step and start serving, you'll be glad you did.



"Love your neighbor as yourself." ~Matthew 22:39

God cares about all people, not just those within the church. That's why we reach beyond the walls of our building to serve people in our community. Sometimes we start our our own initiatives and sometimes we partner with local organizations who are already doing a great job. Either way, great things happen when we love on people in our community. 



"Go and make disciples of all nations." 

Matthew 28:19

Ultimately, God calls us to go out into the world and share His message of love and grace. He calls us to meet the less fortunate where they are, serve them humbly, and share His love. We take this commandment seriously, which is why we extend our serving to the world.