As parents, you are the primary influences in the life of your child, and it is our hope to come alongside you, work together, and build the next generation of leaders. To do this, we provide children and students with experiences they won't forget, connect them to leaders who believe in their potential, and strive to influence how they see the world and their future. Imagine what your child's future would look like if they:

Believe there is a heavenly father who loves them unconditionally.

Learn to prioritize biblical truths that can define who they become.

Engage their life in a mission to the world that is bigger than they are.

our mission

At 4C Kids our goal is to partner with you so that together we can guide your child's development of an every-day relationship with Jesus Christ. This goal shapes our approach, drives our creativity, and motivates us to dream about more ways to help your child develop faith that will last a lifetime.


Every Sunday, whether your children join us in Early Childhood or Elementary, we incorporate the following elements into our time together:


We're committed to providing your children with the best possible environment where they can learn about God. We know this begins in an environment where children, and parents, feel safe and welcomed. With your child's safety in mind, every member of our staff and every volunteer who work directly with children follow a thorough application process which includes an international criminal background check. 


From dueling ukuleles to finger painting with shaving cream to special visits from magicians, we know kids love to have fun, so we make sure to include age-appropriate activities into our Sunday experience. 


Every week includes a message from the Bible that is specifically designed for pre-schoolers and elementary kids. We focus in on Biblical truth while applying it to their unique phase of life.

Four Corners uses a personalized sticker-label check-in system, which includes a Family ID Number. The children's sticker serves as their name tag and provides helpful information regarding allergies and special needs. A second sticker-label is printed for the parents. For their safety, children are only released to adults with stickers that have a matching Family ID Number. Also, if your child needs you during the service, your Family ID Number will be displayed on the side screens in the auditorium. 


birth through 5 Years

Sundays 9:15a & 11a

Our goal, in Early Childhood, is for your child to sense God's love from our volunteers and staff. Each week we present preschoolers with Biblical Truths in a safe, fun, and loving environment. Through age appropriate activities, preschoolers will build a spiritual foundation so that, by the time they graduate to Kindergarten, they know these three basic truths:

God made me.

God loves me.

Jesus wants to be my forever friend.


kindergarten through 4th grade

Sundays 9:15a & 11a

Our Elementary environment is specifically designed to bring the message of the Bible to kids in ways that are interactive, culturally relevant, and engaging. We use media, music, and games as we guide kids through the Bible while participating in discussion small groups. While in our Elementary program, kids will learn these three basic truths:

I need to make wise choices.

I can trust God no matter what.

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.