Get baptized

Baptism is a public celebration of moving from spiritual death to life through faith in Jesus. It communicates to the world your heartfelt commitment to following Him. Baptism itself does not make you a believer in Christ, but is a way of saying to the world that your relationship with Jesus, and your faith in Him, has already begun. We believe that baptism is one of the most powerful ways we can carry the name of Jesus to the world, by symbolizing that our old self is gone (going under the water) and our new self has come (coming above the water) because we have been made alive in Christ.

We consider it a privilege to join with you as you publicly share that you’ve been brought from death to life. Our baptism process has been intentionally designed for you, and we want to make sure that all your questions are answered. If you have any questions feel free to EMAIL US and we will get back with you.