What's your next step?

At Four Corners Church, we believe that our spiritual journey consists of four steps: Knowing God, Finding Freedom, Discovering your Purpose, and Joining a team. 

GROW is the tool that we use to help you Discover your Purpose. It consists of four experiences: Becoming a Member, Discovering Your Design, Developing Your Leadership, and Making a Difference. As these experiences build on one another, please plan to start by signing up for Step One and moving through the process in order.  


    Step 1: Becoming a Member

    In this experience, Pastor Ben will discuss who we are as a church and what we believe. Our history, process, and structure are explained.  At the end of Step 1, you will be provided an opportunity to sign the Membership Covenant and become a member of Four Corners Church.

    Jan 14 / RSVP HERE.

    Mar 11 / RSVP HERE.

    May 6 / RSVP HERE.


  • DISCOVERing YOUR Design

    Step 2: Discovering your Purpose

    Even if you are already serving on a team you will love this interactive experience! You will discover how God created you through an analysis of your S.H.A.P.E., your spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences.  A combination of discussion, interactive testing, and exercises make this a fun and enlightening night!  The goal is to help you discover your purpose so that you can use what God has gifted you with to make a difference.  

    Jan 28 / RSVP HERE.

    Mar 18 / RSVP HERE.

    May 20 / RSVP HERE.

  • DevelopinG Your Leadership

    Step 3: Developing your Leadership

    Great leaders have to lead themselves first.  Take your personal leadership to the next level as you implement spiritual habits.  This experience will teach you how to be effective in the habits of personal devotions, community, prayer, and giving.   Placing Christ in the center of it all will enable you to be a more effective leader.

    Feb 11 / RSVP HERE.

    APR 15 / RSVP HERE.

  • Making a difference

    Step 4: Making a Difference

    God created each of us for a purpose.  He also gave us a clear mission - “Go and make disciples.”  In this experience, you will learn how to discover your mission, share your testimony, lead others to Christ, and be a part of the local and global mission at Four Corners.  

    Feb 18 / RSVP HERE.

    APR 22 / RSVP HERE.