Financial Coaching

The Four Corners Financial Coaching ministry is designed to help families and individuals who are struggling financially. Whether you need help putting together a budget, want to be debt-free, or need help planning for your future; we want to help you gain control of your finances while applying Biblically-based money management techniques (it's no accident that Jesus spent more time talking about money than any other topic!).


Our pastoral team will contact you to determine your needs and pair you with a financial coach. In confidential, one-on-one meetings, your financial coach will tailor the meeting based on your financial needs and goals. This may include how to:

  • Create a budget that works.
  • Calculate your debt free date.
  • Learn how to save money.
  • Learn how to invest money.
  • Learn how to reduce spending.
  • Learn how to budget with your spouse.


If you're ready to arrange a meeting simply EMAIL US.